Why End-Vest Consulting (Pty) Ltd?

We have more than 20 years experience in the Construction, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Printing and Office Setups and are available for consultation. We don’t sell safety, but rather assist with the development of a sustainable safety culture.

Health and Safety is mandatory in the South African operational environment. Both Government and Corporate business are measuring performance in terms of Health and Safety compliance.

PEOPLE are a company’s greatest asset, consequently being at work should not be a game of chance but rather an opportunity for success and continuous development.

With this in mind, our team can assist you in defining and maintaining a sustainable safe and healthy working environment, by integrating the Health and Safety requirements into your business management practices, allowing you to remain competitive within the business environment.

“OUR integrated approach provides an opportunity for continuous improvement and business growth, not only legal compliance.”

We can assist you with your Health and Safety Management by:

• Defining your risk profile.
• Identifying your exposures.
• Assessing the likelihood and consequences of these exposures.
• Identifying control measures aimed at eradicating these exposures.
• Communicating these risks and control measures to your workforce.
• Training staff on all health and safety aspects.
• Developing, implementing and monitoring organization specific safety systems

Health and Safety is not a job, but rather an empowerment process aimed at equipping all employees to make safe decisions within a safe environment.


To be a respected service provider, creating sustainable Health and Safety partnerships with all our clients through:

World class quality service
Encouraging our belief that all incidents are avoidable
Being unashamedly ethical in all our dealings




To promote a positive and sustainable culture toward health and safety.
To provide consistent and quality services to all clients big or small.
To promote a continuous improvement driven management system.
To develop and deliver management systems which are not only effective but efficient.
To encourage conversations around safety at all levels.
To activate health and safety performance through training.
To assist clients in becoming not only legally compliant but morally responsible.
To reduce risk by providing an objective, systematic approach to risk management.
Improving client’s compliance levels by means of focused GAP audits.